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A music composer in Cincinnati, OH, I create instrumental music to accompany songs. By God’s grace, I’ve been gifted with the ability to both write song lyrics and to compose the instrumentals to accompany those lyrics. From the age of 11, I’ve felt God’s call on my life to use the art of music to spread the word of God—to share about His love and glory. I have a passion for music and a passion for touching people’s hearts with my music.

More specifically a Christian music composer, my first album was released in 2003, with subsequent albums released in the years that followed. Each lyric is a purposeful message for every listener, and every orchestration is thoughtfully put together. Whether you’re feeling joyful or discouraged, victorious or defeated, my songs are meant to be a declaration of praise to the Heavenly Father.

Working with phenomenal music producers, my music is brought to life by a number of talented hands. From the instrumentals to the back-up singers, each song is produced to bring glory to God and to bring you a message of hope. Within each album, you’ll find a number of talents grace the songs, bringing them to life.

If you’ve written a song and are looking for a music composer to help you piece together the instrumentals, I’d be happy to help! Or, if you’re interested in hearing my original compositions, listen to some of my music.

For original compositions and songwriting, listen to music by Lule Music. I create contemporary Christian music that is heartfelt and soulful.

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